Model Application

There is no height, age, experience, or agency requirement for a photoshoot. 

For collaborative and personal work only, a total of 1-4 photos are created per session at my discretion and only as time permits.

A standard model release must be signed upon arrival or prior to the shoot. Models under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign for them and are encouraged to be present for the shoot.

Additional Notes: After each shoot, photo previews are hosted in a private online gallery for model to review and select for retouching. These proofing images will be unedited, unretouched, and low resolution (72 DPI and 500px on the long side). Final, edited images will be high resolution and may take up to 2 weeks to be completed and delivered via download. 

Retouching includes global exposure correction, color grading, blemish removal, skin contouring, skin tone correction, detail sharpening, background spot removal, and highlight/shadow recovery. Extensive image manipulation — including, but not limited to, body reshaping, background object removal, background extension, spot coloring, and swaps — may incur additional fees. Alternate versions of photos, resized/rescaled images, and alternate file versions (e.g. TIFF or PSD files) — may also incur additional fees. Re-delivery of archived, edited files more than 3 months after initial delivery of photos will also incur a flat rate of $150 per session.